• Begin using Silagen when wound has healed or sutures have been removed. Do not use on any open wound.
  • Remove Silagen  from the package. If needed, cut and trim Silagen so that it extends at least ½ inch (1 centimeter) beyond the area to be treated.
  • Keep packaging for storage of the product when not in use. For large products that come in tubes, store product flat, backing side down.
  • Wash and dry the area being treated every time you apply Silagen.
  • Make sure the scar site is free of any creams, lotions, ointments (including Silagen Gel).  If Silagen sheeting comes in contact with creams, lotions, ointment or perfumes, it can lose adhesiveness. 
  • Peel off the release liner and apply Silagen, adhesive side down, directly on the area being treated.
  • Although Silagen is a self-adhesive product, if needed it can be secured using medical grade tape, a pressure sleeve or any other preferred method.


If the Silagen sheet, strip or shape becomes dirty or loses its stickiness, it may be washed gently with tap water and mild hand soap then air-dried before reapplying. We recommend washing it every 2-3 days.


  • Silagen should be worn every day for 10 to 16 hours per day – the more time Silagen is in contact with the scar, the greater the effect.
  • Silagen should be removed once every 12 hours for inspection of the scar site and to allow the site to be washed and thoroughly dried.
  • Silagen should be used for a minimum of two months and additional improvement may occur with use up to six months.
  • Please remove Silagen when showering, bathing or swimming.
  • If you have highly sensitive skin, begin using Silagen for 4 hours per day for the first 4 days, inspecting the site often. If no significant rashing/irritation occurs, increase usage by 2 hours each day until the desired usage time is reached.
  • Each piece of Silagen sheeting should last 3 to 4 weeks with gentle handling.
  • Silagen should be replaced if it begins to deteriorate, disintegrate, or will not stick.
  • Keep unused Silagen in its container.