Prevents and treats unaesthetic scars


to Minimize scars

improved appearance

of existing abnormal scars

"I am a general dentist and also do facial aesthetic enhancement procedures. I learned about the Silagen scar refinement system from one of my aesthetic supply reps. I had a cosmetic surgery already scheduled and so decided to try it after the surgery to see for myself.

Most incision sites I treated with PRP with microneedling and then both patches and cream. One other area I just let heal on its own with no type of treatment at all and the areas where I was very diligent the whole 90 days with the Silagen healed significantly better than all the others. The scars are hardly noticeable. The areas I wasn't as diligent with the Silagen healed next best, and the area I did nothing is very visible.

I'm sorry I did not do anything to the one area, as now when I look in the mirror, that is the place I always notice the most and regret not having done it. It truly proved to me that the Silagen treated areas healed exponentially better than all the others."
Grant W. Sims, DDS
Chicago, IL

Doctors choose Silagen because it works!