Physicians & Patients Love Silagen!

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William P. Adams Jr. MD

"Since switching to Silagen gel (Day and Night) and the Strips (we use all size and shapes) we have seen a significant improvement in the not only the color and less hypertrophic scar, but many patients’ scars mature quicker. We use the both scar therapy options for augmentations, mastopexy, and abdominoplasty. We used to use other silicone sheeting that the patients had to fit to cut and it was very labor intensive. This has made a significant improvement in patient compliance. The packaging is beautiful, the price is affordable, and our sales rep, April, is very attentive. We won't be using anything else!"
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Phillip R. Craft, MD

"We as a Plastic Surgery practice highly recommend to each and every surgical patient how important their aftercare is. This includes the use of silicone therapy for scarring. We have had huge success with both the gels and strips. As part of our pre-op supplement package, we include the arnica kit for use immediately after surgery. We have been extremely happy with all the Silagen products!"

Ashley K. Lentz, MD, FACS

Lentz Plastic Surgery
Ormond Beach, FL 

"Silagen is an excellent and effective product. Not only do I have all of my patients use it, I also have used it myself. It delivers results, and it is easy to use."
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Bradley Hubbard, MD

Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute
Dallas, TX

"We use the scar gel and abdominal strips. Love how hydrating and silky the gel is and how well the strips stay on and move with the body."
Dr Nazarian

Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM

Beverly Hills, CA

"We use Silagen exclusively for our postoperative scar care. We believe in the products and the results speak for themselves."
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Scott A. Greenberg, MD

Winter Park Plastic Surgery and Laser Center Winter Park, FL

"We include Silagen in all of our post-op kits. The patients use it because they love the way it feels and we're thrilled with the improvement in their post-op healing."
Christopher Thiagarajah

Chris Thiagarajah, MD

Park Avenue Oculoplastic Surgeries
Denver, CO

"I recommend Silagen scar and bruise products post-surgery. They enhance the healing process and patients have much better cosmetic outcomes. It is amazing."

Tal T. Roudner, MD

Coral Gables, FL

"Superior scar treatment line with great patients satisfaction. The patients keep coming back for more product as they are extremely happy with the results."
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James E. Hardy, MD

James E. Hardy MD Plastic Surgery
Jacksonville, FL

"In our office we use a variety of Silagen products which from our office to the Patients results are remarkable, Very user friendly.. End results are WOW"
Jay Calvert

Jay Calvert, MD

Beverly Hills, CA

"I use Silagen scar products for all of my rib graft incisions, breast augmentation and abdominoplasty incisions."
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Erik J. Miles, M.D.

North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Huntersville, NC

"The Silagen Scar Refinement System is a breakthrough in medical technology. We recommend it to all of our surgical patients and have had great success."
Scott Farber 1

Scott Farber, MD, FACS

Farber Plastic Surgery
Boca Raton, FL

"We recommend Silagen scar treatment for all of our post-operative patients to minimize appearance of scars."
Jorge de la Pedraja

Jorge de la Pedraja, MD

Allure Plastic Surgery Miami
Miami, FL

"Silagen silicone gel has made a noticeable difference in final scar outcomes, and the Silagen Arnica Bromelain Complex is very effective to decrease swelling and bruising."
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Jae Y. Lim, MD

Atlantic Brain & Spine Reston, VA

"We offer Silagen gel and sheeting to our anterior cervical and cranial surgery patients and have seen the excellent results firsthand. Additionally, our office staff and patients have utilized the products for an off-label use (to treat wrinkles) with great success!"
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Kristopher Hamwi, MD

Florida Plastic Surgery
Sarasota, FL

"Silagen offers a full line of great products. I love the quality of their products and the patients love the ease of use and the results."